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Ferd Dorn - V.P. of Operations
I'm 56 years old have a wonderful wife, Karen, that is always there for me for 36 wonderful years. I couldn't do this without her backing and encouragement, I don't know how she does all she does. Karen is president of Dorn Electric along with all office duties and stresses. She has a great office assistant Maegan to help her keep her sanity! Karen also handles management of our small farm and many animals in Southern Pennsylvania. She also watches our 3 wonderful grandchildren at times. 

Then there is our children Todd, Eric, and Kelly. We all got together one day and decided to start out own business when the corporate worlds were falling apart and very un-trusting. Kelly worked together with my wife to get the office together and organized. Kelly also designed our company logo which we have received many compliments on. Kelly too was working at Maryland shock trauma as an x-ray tech. She was juggling both jobs. We started our business when markets were a disaster. We found metro banks Don McVay and he stuck with us. He sat with us listening to us present our business plan in fine details threw every step. Don stepped up and said he would back our company to get us started. I'm sure he thought it was a risk! I never had any doubt! I knew I had my family stand with me through this. Knowing the talent and closeness of our family I knew it would work. And it has been a great adventure! I have to say I couldn't do it without my family! I think it is wonderful we can all work together close and all be the loving family we are. 

Our company does commercial and residential electrical work. We are building our company slowly and in control. A saying I use a lot is we don't keep all our gets in one basket. Which means we like to keep many customers in our base. Our projects are done with pride and precision. With having so many customers and many projects going on daily there are many stresses. I have to say we handle it well! 

Myself, I play a role in our team as operations manager, business development, plus project management, and work on the projects as well. Our team is highly motivated and we all share the same goals. We want the project to be the best and the customers to want us back. 

Our team brings to the table over 70 years of experience. Myself I have been doing electrical work since 1975. I have worked for several companies. My father was an electrician throughout hiss career also. He also has stood behind us when we wanted to start Dorn Electric. Our sons Todd and Eric carry master's license for the company. They also do refresher classes annually. They also have families and properties to take care of along with handling Dorn Electric's heavy needs. There are many nights we don't get home till after 8 or 9 PM, sometimes later. Everyone's wives take up the slack when we are not home. Very impressive, I have to say.

Our field teams are closely monitored to assure the highest quality for our customers. Our fleet of vehicles are well taken care of and very dependable. Dorn Electric services projects in Maryland, southern Pennsylvania, and northern Virginia. We carry license and insurance in all areas.

Our customer base is very large and growing. Many of our customers are repeat business with us. We are doing our best to grow slowly so as our customers have the best service. Our company is getting heavy into LED installations and efficiency upgrades saving customers on their energy costs. 

Karen Dorn- President
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Eric Dorn- Service Project Manager
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Todd Dorn- Estimating and Purchasing Manager
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